Mod Midwives: Becoming a Preceptor

In this week’s podcast we tackle the topic of becoming a preceptor.

Being a good clinician is one thing, and being a good teacher is another. Sometimes, these skill sets both come naturally to midwives, but not always. In this podcast, we discuss the requirements–both on paper and even at a deeper level–that are necessary for teaching students.

Photo courtesy of Rabbit and Fox Photo.

We hit on:

  • Minimum requirements for teaching
  • Becoming a certified preceptor
  • Clinical requirements of MEAC schools vs. the NARM PEP process
  • Supervision expectations
  • Responsibilities and expectations of teaching
  • Defining your own boundaries
  • Setting expectations with your apprentice, including prerequisites, and changing those over time
  • Ways to prepare yourself to become a teacher
  • The benefit of having multiple preceptors
  • The intensity of the student/preceptor relationship
  • Challenges of having students
  • Teaching tips
  • The importance of clear communication and meaningful feedback
  • Challenges to being fair and kind
  • Clarifying roles and appropriate boundaries
  • The importance of evaluation
  • Personality conflicts and how to handle disagreements
  • The benefits of teaching
  • Teaching as a learning tool (see graphic below)
Image courtesy of Education Corner.

We hope you enjoy!