Services and Fees

Home Birth Midwifery Package

Self-Pay Fee: $4000 (For 2022 due dates, prices will increase to $4400.)
Due in full by 34 weeks
Payment plans may be arranged, but a minimum of a $500 retainer must be made at the first prenatal visit (not the free consultation), and a minimum payment of $300 must be made at the time of each subsequent office visit until the fee is paid in full.

Note: If you are billing your insurance plan, the reimbursement you can expect from your plan is highly variable depending on your plan. You will be expected to pay a deposit of $4000 (2021)/4400 (2022) to cover the costs of midwifery care prior to 34 weeks, similar to a self-paying client.

Included services:

  • Midwifery fee includes prenatal care (monthly visits until 28 weeks, biweekly visits from 28-36 weeks, weekly visits until delivery), intrapartum care (attendance from the establishment of active labor until at least 2 hours postpartum), postpartum care (2 postpartum home visits and 2 postpartum office visits
  • Use of La Bassine Pro birth tub and most water birth equipment (liner required for purchase separately)
  • Childbirth Education Video Series
  • Weekly Breastfeeding Cafe meetings
  • Community events
  • Additional lactation consultation as needed, up until 6 weeks postpartum
  • Newborn metabolic, CCHD, and hearing screening fees
  • Insurance billing, if applicable (see information on insurance billing for more details)

Additional expenses:

  • Lab work
  • Birth kit from a midwifery supply company
  • Supplies to gather before the home visit (you may already own many of these items)
  • Birth tub liner, debris net, and thermometer
  • RhoGAM (for Rh negative mothers)
  • Physician, hospital, and ultrasound visits are not included in our fee (these are not routinely required). You must make payment arrangements with those providers separately.

Lactation Consultation

As an IBCLC, Gina can offer in-depth, skilled lactation consultation. These visits may be in your home or the office. They generally take 1.5-2 hours and include a thorough history and assessment. Follow up visits are shorter, usually about an hour, and are meant to touch base and fine tune the breastfeeding plan as needed.

Lactation consultation visits for Metro Midwifery clients are included as part of your care for the first 6 weeks postpartum. For others, or after 6 weeks, LC fees are:

Home LC Visit: $200
Office LC Visit: $150
Follow up LC Visit: $100

Monitrice Services

Home birth is not the right choice for every family. As our schedule allows, we provide monitrice services for those planning hospital births.

Like a doula, a monitrice provides labor support to the mother. A monitrice, though, has additional training to perform limited clinical assessments. This is a good option for the woman who wants to labor at home as long as possible. As your monitrice, we will labor with you at home (monitoring your and the baby’s well-being), and we will move to the hospital at the appropriate time, where we will remain in a doula role. As well, you will receive two prenatal and two postpartum visits as part of our monitrice services services.

Monitrice fee: $3000

Photo credit: Michelle Garey