We had a fantastic experience with Gina and Nedra. We had moved into the area from out of state and didn’t start care with them until almost the third trimester. They were really flexible with scheduling when I had trouble finding a babysitter or my husband got the day off from work and we showed up ridiculously early.

Home birth was so much easier the second time. My first birth was on a boat and labor felt like it was never going to end. This time, the bathtub made such a huge difference that I went from expecting this to be our last baby to wanting a few more. I had a much shorter active labor than last time. About seven or eight hours instead of thirteen or fourteen. Maybe the six dates a day for the last four weeks really worked.
I loved having my mother there too. They were so nice about that. She came and stayed for a couple weeks with her two littlest ones who played with my oldest. It was so nice that all three of them just slept through almost everything and she was able to be with me when my husband doesn’t always know how to help since he’s never been through it.

Everything was wonderful! No going to the hospital in the middle of the night when all you want is to stay in the bathtub, no waking kids up, immediate bonding time with older kids. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to bring something important along when you should just be focused on labor. No gross hospital germs or putting a brand newborn in a car seat.

I had a friend ask me about worries about too big of a baby. Mine was nine and a half pounds and Nedra knew just how to have me change positions so the little darling didn’t get stuck. I’m so glad we chose to go here.