Why a Group Practice?

Let’s be honest: midwifery is hard work. There are long births, long hours, and long nights, sometimes one on top of the next. Most midwives discontinue their practice within the first five years–the American home birth model is not sustainable.

In order to serve our clients to our best ability, we must be well-rested and refreshed. We need to be able to turn our phones off from time to time. And we must have time to tend to our families and other responsibilities. Otherwise, we will be running on empty, and not providing the best care possible. There are a variety of ways to accomplish this, but we believe a group practice is the best model.

How will it work? Each midwife will rotate days on and off call. Gina will be primary midwife on call 4-5 days each week and Julia and Nedra will be on call 1-2 days each. One of the off-call midwives will usually assist at the birth as second midwife. Gina does most of the clinic visits as well, though each midwife has prenatal days so that clients have an opportunity to form a relationship with each of us. Nedra does most of the virtual visits for those clients who want to pepper virtual visits into their schedule. Each midwife will have time each year for a vacation, holidays, and a mini-sabbatical. But at least one of us will always be available to you.

In addition to the on-call lifestyle, there are so many value-added reasons to work in a group practice. We each bring different strengths to the practice; a solo practice midwife must do everything herself–even those things that are not her forte. We will support each other, push each other, be there for each other. We aren’t just midwives looking to spell each other from time to time. We are friends. And we are sure that the fruits of this friendship and partnership will be enjoyed by you, our clients.