Introducing Mod Midwives!

When we started discussing our vision for our new practice, we wanted to have a focus on education. There are many ways to educate, and a variety of media to use. Of course our blog and website is one way, childbirth classes are another, and teaching students is a third. But in this digital age, we decided to branch out a bit and try something new–a podcast!

Mod Midwives will focus on a variety of midwifery topics, from making decisions about birth/postpartum issues like choosing your birth provider, and deciding about options like Vitamin K or GBS testing and treatment, to topics impacting student midwives and the profession itself. We will be starting with an introduction to ourselves, Nedra Hale and Gina Gerboth, through telling our own birth stories and how those led us toward the profession of midwifery. We will cover pathways to midwifery credentialing, shared decision making, self-care, sustainable midwifery, and more!

So, we hope you will join us! Enjoy this first episode, and please be sure to subscribe so that you never miss one! You can always find the complete list of episodes on our Podcast page.