Mod Midwives: Married to a Midwife–an Interview with Jason Gerboth

This week Gina and Nedra interview none other than Gina’s husband, Jason, about what being married to a midwife is like.

We talk about:

  • Challenges of being married to a midwife
  • Juggling work with midwife-husband-life
  • The Pizza Story
  • Midwife widowers and orphans
  • Divorce rates among midwives
  • The benefit of being low-maintenance
  • Managing expectations
  • Assuming the role of linebacker
  • Financial realities of midwifery
  • Co-parenting with a midwife partner
  • Evaluating your needs vs. the all-encompassing nature of midwifery
  • Benefits of having a midwife-partner mentor
  • Setting up other support systems

We are grateful to Jason for taking some time out of his day to talk with us, and hope you–and your partners–will enjoy this week’s podcast!