Mod Midwives: Self-Care

Self-care is, quite possibly, one of the most insipid and overused terms of our age. It has, by all accounts, become the mantra of a decadence industry. And while we like our massages and mani/pedis from time to time, that is *not* what we’re talking about today.

We cover the basics of:

  • Sleep hygiene: getting to bed early, cultivating good sleep habits when you can
  • Stress management: exercise, therapy, and boundaries, oh my!
  • Balance: kids, aging parents, and life
  • Exercise: making it weather proof and doing what works for you
  • Food: eating on the run, cooking at home, and food prep
  • Financial considerations: cost-effective exercise and saving money by not eating out
  • The unhealthy use of caffeine and alcohol
  • The critical importance of establishing habits
  • Sustainable midwifery practice–of course!

And while we know what to do, doing it is an ongoing practice and discipline. So we invite you to take that first step. Just start. Work on building that habit–the rewards and results will follow.

Oh…and drumroll…here it is: Gina 10 years ago with the weird mullet situation.

We hope you enjoy this week’s podcast!