Mod Midwives: Breech Babies

In this week’s podcast we talk about those babies who are coming into the world in a non-head-down position.

We take on this topic by discussing how we, especially as Colorado registered midwives, approach the topic of breech birth. We discuss:

  • Our scope of practice in Colorado
  • Increased risks associated with breech birth
  • Elements necessary for home birth safety
  • The critical importance (and paradox within) of being a skilled provider in breech birth
  • Missed breeches
  • The lack of options for breech birth
  • Options and ideas for getting breech babies to turn on their own (chiropractic, acupuncture, Spinning Babies, moxibustion, cold therapy, inversions, and handstands in the water)
  • External cephalic version (ECV)
  • Types of breech presentations
  • Options for cesarean birth

Resources we mention:

We hope you enjoy listening this week!

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