Mod Midwives: Coronavirus and Our Practice

Because so much information has changed since we recorded our first Coronavirus podcast, we decided to circle back around and talk about the changes we’ve had to implement in the past few weeks.

We were recently gifted with some home made masks. Many thanks to Taryn Quintana!

From fielding multiple calls coming in from people now considering home birth and considerations for switching care providers, to changes we are facing such as wearing more personal protective equipment and placing some limitations on water birth we try to cover what this virus means to our practice.

Specifically, we discuss:

  • What you should consider if you’re thinking about switching to home birth care
  • Restrictions on support people and those attending births
  • The critical importance of adhering to social distancing and lock down guidance
  • Our use of PPE (personal protective equipment)
  • Vulnerability to COVID-19
  • Incorporation of some virtual visits
  • Changes to our water birth/water labor protocols
  • Our cleaning procedures
  • Ways that our families are dealing with the new lifestyle and challenges

Oh, and you heard it here first, folks: we are coining the new phrase “germ unit.”

We hope you’ll tune in and learn more about what you might expect to see in practice.