Mod Midwives: COVID-Part 3

In our latest podcast about COVID, Nedra and Gina talk about expectations, challenges, and frustrations with providing care during a pandemic. Topics from this podcast include:

  • Potential outlook for cases (and, yes, it was a sine wave–who knew we’d talk about that much mathematics on Mod Midwives!)
  • Coping with changes in our lives
  • Clarifying the purpose of masking (AKA the great mask controversy)
  • The critical importance of protecting and caring for each other
  • Transmission of coronavirus indoors vs. outdoors (this is the blog post we reference)
  • The need for us to protect every person in our practice, and the responsibilities of each family in the practice therein
  • The responsibility of providers and doulas to take and model appropriate precautions in their practice
  • Case fatality rates
  • Yet another reiteration that this is not the flu
  • More math
  • Risks of COVID for pregnant people and babies, in particular, and why this makes hospital birth the only appropriate place for delivery in case of infection
  • The impact on our families
  • Expectations (or the lack thereof) for midwives to protect themselves (from a variety of pathogens)
  • Antibody testing
  • Asymptomatic infections
  • Availability of testing
  • Coping with our PPE
  • And…we dip our toes into the politics of the pandemic