Mod Midwives: Ask the Midwives-Choosing a Midwife Special Edition

In this week’s podcast, we’ve created a special compilation of questions people have asked us about choosing a midwife. Most midwives offer a consultation or interview where you can get to know one another and ask any questions you might have. This week, we’re hoping to give you some guidance and insight into the process of choosing a midwife.

Questions we tackle include:

  • How many midwives should I interview?
  • What qualities did you look for in a midwife?
  • What strengths do we perceive as good traits for a midwife?
  • How important is experience vs. education when choosing a midwife?
  • What answers would you expect to hear when you ask about what types of emergencies have they handled?
  • What have their personal birth experiences been?
  • Is there that spark–does it just feel like a good fit?

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We hope you enjoy this week’s Mod Midwives!