Mod Midwives: Boundaries for Midwives

For this week’s podcast we talk with our listeners about boundaries for midwives: why they’re necessary, how to establish them, and ideas for making boundaries work while still being accessible to our clients.

Some of the points we hit on include:

  • The importance of setting boundaries for sustainability
  • Setting boundaries early in your practice
  • Lack of boundaries and family emergencies
  • Ideas for phone routing
  • Methods of communicating with your clients
  • Establishing work hours
  • How a group practice allows for better boundary setting
  • Taking time off when you’re sick
  • COVID considerations
  • Clients’ understanding and wishes for our wellbeing
  • Resentment as a consequence of lack of boundary setting

We know that this is is a strangely difficult topic for lots of midwives, but it is so important!