Mod Midwives: Practical Advice for Midwifery Practice-Structuring Your Business

Whew! Just when we thought we were ahead, we had some massive technical obstacles this week! But never fear–we managed to get a podcast to you, albeit two-and-a-half days late.

This week we have our second installment in our Practical Advice for Midwifery Practice series. We are going to give you insight into some things you need to do when you get your practice started including:

  • Trade name registration
  • EINs
  • Business designation (LLC, S-Corp, etc.)
  • Certification and licensing
  • Bank Accounts
  • NPI
  • Tax withholding and payroll
  • And more!

So, with no further ado…enjoy!

Oh and obligate legal disclaimer…this podcast does NOT constitute financial or business advice. Please consult with a business lawyer or CPA as appropriate.