Mod Midwives: Practical Advice for Midwifery Practice-Managing Your Client Load

In our latest installment of Practical Advice for Midwifery Practice, we discuss things you may want to keep in mind as you decide how many clients to take into care. From finances to sleep deprivation to prenatal visit days, we talk through the nuts and bolts of finding your happy place with client loads.

One thing we didn’t mention in the podcast was that even if you schedule one person’s due date each week, there is no way to predict when people will deliver (with a 5 week window of “full term”), and, consequently, no way to avoid the possibility of births overlapping–even with one person due per month. However, the more clients you have due, the more likely it is that this can happen. So, backup considerations must be factored into your client load as well.

We also talk about a variety of other considerations: impacts on your family, sleep deprivation, planning vacations, how many clients are too few, etc., etc., etc. There is a lot to consider when planning your workload in an unplannable field!

We hope you enjoy this week’s episode!