Home Birth Prep: Clearing the Path

This week has been a busy one in our practice, full of extra prenatal visits to make up for ones that were rescheduled during the snowstorm we had last week, and home visits for the clients who are nearing their due dates. There have been long days, and lots of trudging and driving through ice and snow. Which brings us to a few important reminders for your home birth prep.

On the day of your baby’s birth, it is easy to get caught up in the rhythm of labor, but make sure that your partner or support person has it on their list to spare a little bit of attention for these key details:

The Door Lock

In a common scenario, you will be calling us early in labor to put us on the alert that “something is happening”. As things get more intense, your partner will probably be the one making the call to tell us that it is time to come (you’ll be busy). This is the perfect time for them to pop on down to the front door and make sure it is unlocked for us. Sometimes, we will need to enter your home quickly if your labor has started to progress rapidly, and if your partner is distracted by helping you during an intense part, it is possible that we could be locked on the other side of the door while you birth your baby. Needless to say, this is far less than ideal.

The Porch Light

A large percentage of babies are born in the middle of the night, and visibility could be poor on your front step, so have your partner flip that porch light on when they come down to unlock the door. The light will also be a good beacon as we are trying to identify the correct house in the dark. When weather has been bad, the light is even more important to help us safely navigate any hazards as we juggle our birth bags on the way to your front door.

Ice and Snow

If there is snow or ice on your driveway and front walk on the day that you have your baby, it is important for the safety of your dedicated midwives that your partner gets a safe, ice-free pathway clear for us. Again, we are hauling heavy bags in the dark, and it would be problematic for us to slip on the way up the driveway, potentially injuring ourselves when there is such important work to do! This one also goes for your home visits, both prenatal and postpartum – we are freshly reminded after slipping and sliding during this week’s visits that anytime there has been a snowstorm, it is so very important for us to have a safe path cleared to walk up to your door.

Thank you for including all of these reminders into your birth prep plans – happy birthing!