Mod Midwives: A Change of Plans–an interview with Shawna and Jay Denton-Gildea

With so much attention on home birth these days, we thought it would be fun to interview a couple who changed their birth plans at the last minute due to concerns surrounding COVID-19. Shawna and Jay Denton-Gildea hadn’t really considered home birth for themselves before the pandemic. In this podcast, we talk to them about why they made the decision to stay home and what their birth experience was like.

Again, switching to home birth, especially as close to the due date as Shawna was, is not an option for everyone–for a variety of reasons. But listening to Jay and Shawna’s story might help give you some insight if it is a good option for you. As always, we are happy to speak with you about your situation and help you navigate this is something you might want to pursue for yourself.

We hope you enjoy this sweet interview!