Home Birth in the News!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (actually, it kind of does feel like we all live under a rock these days – but, I digress), you have probably noticed quite a few news stories going by about people switching to home birth in response to changes in hospital policy surrounding COVID-19.

And it’s true! We have experienced a significant increase in inquiries from potential clients, some in the last weeks (or days) of pregnancy. Earlier this week, our very own Gina Gerboth was contacted by a local news reporter, and she agreed to be interviewed about how coronavirus has led more people to look at home birth options. You can see the interview here:

We were so appreciative of the opportunity to #normalizehomebirth in our community, and bring this wonderful option into the awareness of more people. (and I was so happy that Gina did it, because I hate being on camera, ha!)

You can read more about changing your birth plans in the age of COVID-19 in one of our previous posts here.