Introducing Our Childbirth Education Video Series!

Oh boy, has COVID ever challenged our flexibility and creativity this year!

It used to be that we offered a seasonal childbirth education series to our clients. These classes ran 3 weeks each winter, summer, and fall. Classroom space is tight in our office and everyone’s schedules are hard to accommodate, but it was a priority for us. But with COVID we had to get creative–cramming a bunch of people into the office was no longer an option! So, like everyone, we moved to Zoom. Zoom, though, has its own problems. It’s hard to have a conversation, scheduling is no easier virtually, and Zoom fatigue is real. The thought of getting on Zoom for another two hours at the end of a long day was not appealing. And so, with a little bit of creativity and a lot of downtime during the tail end of our COVID recovery, we created a video series for Metro Midwifery Clients!

All the regular topics from our own Informed Childbirth course are now available as short videos. You can watch as many as you’d like, stop, rewind, and return to visit topics you want to refresh. We will be able to add to it as we develop new content and have plans to pepper in a few more videos in the near future. Coming soon look for the addition of: Unpacking the Birth Kit, What’s in Our Birth Bags, and Understanding Baby’s Position. Once COVID is a thing of the past, we will add in a periodic community night back into our repertoire so that you can make connections with others on the same journey as you.

Education is one of our highest values at Metro Midwifery. We hope that these classes will help prepare you for some of the hardest–and most fulfilling–tasks you’ll ever undertake.

Many thanks to Jason Gerboth at Inkcogneato Studios for filming and production.

There has been consideration of making this video series available to parents not in our practice. We haven’t yet finalized this, but if this is something you’re interested in, send us an email so we can start figuring out those specifics.