Mod Midwives: Practical Advice for Midwifery Practice-Midwifery Practice Expenses

This week we are thrilled to launch a new series: Practical Advice for Midwifery Practice. We are busy midwives, and busy people in general, so we’ve really invested some time into improving our practice workflow and procedures. At the encouragement of one of our students, we decided to share some of our experience and insights with you. We will be discussing many topics from supplies to scheduling to communication, but first we start with expenses you need to consider for midwifery practice.

This week we will discuss not only start-up, but ongoing, midwifery practice expenses. From rent to birth assistants, we cover those things that midwives spend money on.

We hope you enjoy not only this week’s podcast, but this new series! And, please, if there are any topics you’d like to see us cover, please feel free to email us!