Book Review: The Postnatal Cookbook

This week we are pleased to introduce the first blog post by our student midwife, Paige Hesen. We hope you enjoy Paige’s book review! (Oh, and if you’re in our practice you can find the book in the lending library next time you come into the office!)

This week I had the pleasure of reviewing a new book sent to the practice called The Postnatal Cookbook written by Jaren Soloff. Soloff is a registered dietitian and IBCLC – she has created an excellent resource for parents in the postpartum period to help nourish their recovering bodies. The Postnatal Cookbook dives into the hormone shift and acute healing that occurs in the immediate postpartum period, as well as the energy and nutritional demands of the entire fourth trimester and beyond. As an IBCLC, Soloff brings a refreshing take on lactation and nutrition to her book. I also appreciated her breakdown on basic macro & micro-nutrients in language that was easy to understand. Before diving into some yummy recipes, Soloff broaches the topics of mental health and dieting in the postpartum period in a way that is both educational and empathetic. 

There are 59 recipes in this cookbook, each equally mouth-watering. I love that Soloff includes a wide range of recipe types, from breakfast burritos you can make before baby and freeze, to nourishing smoothies, to postpartum power bowls packed with warm grains and a protein of your choice. One of my favorite parts of the recipe section of the cookbook are Soloff’s #MomHacks which include tips and tricks to cut down on prep time, potential substitutions and ideas for stocking up on foods and ingredients. The recipes are uncomplicated, and many use ingredients that someone may already have on hand. None of the dishes take more than 10 minutes prep time, which is important for a postpartum parent. Some recipes that caught my eye: Lemon & Raspberry Ricotta Pancakes, Pumpkin Smoothie, Beef Bowls, Garlic Hummus & Black Bean and Sweet Potato Bake. I made the Avocado Egg Salad recipe from the book this week & was satisfied with how simple the prep work was and how delicious the final product was! I would recommend The Postnatal Cookbook to any parents gearing up for the postpartum – these recipes can be used to nourish your body during the fourth trimester and beyond!