Paige’s Favorite Pregnancy and Birth Podcasts

Podcasts have quickly become my favorite thing to listen to in the car or while on a walk. There are thousands of podcasts to choose from these days, and lucky for a birth junkie like me – there are tons of birth/pregnancy/postpartum podcast options to indulge in. I am breaking down my favorite birth-related podcasts on the blog this week – tune in & make that daily 3-mile walk your midwives recommend fly by! 

One of my very favorite podcasts that I have been listening to for years- long before I even started my journey to becoming a midwife- is called The Birth Hour. This show features people sharing their own pregnancy, birth and postpartum experiences from a wide variety of backgrounds. Hospital, birth center, home, medicated, unmedicated, induction, vaginal, planned c-section – you name it, they have it! If you enjoy listening to or reading birth stories, you will love this podcast. There are over 600 episodes available to listen to with new episodes coming out twice a week, so there is never a shortage of birth stories! I think it’s so special to hear someone describe their birth journey, and it can get you excited for your own birth, even if your plan is different from the story. They also share resources at the end of each episode, which could lead you to your new favorite book, movie, baby product, etc. One of my favorite episodes from this year is Episode 596 – it features a doctor who chooses homebirth, her water breaking on her wedding day & a castor oil induction. It’s funny, empowering & sweet. These birth stories are sure to make you laugh, smile & cry. 

Another favorite podcast of mine is the Evidence Based Birth Podcast. This podcast is chock-full of research evidence on hot topics in pregnancy, birth & postpartum. The Evidence Based Birth website is probably one of my most frequented websites in midwifery school – and the podcast is a fun, easy way to get all of the great information. If you have ever wanted more evidence-based information on topics like circumcision, doulas, pelvic floor health, GBS testing, waterbirth, membrane sweeping and so much more – check out this podcast! 

Honorable mention for other birth junkie podcasts: Informed Pregnancy Podcast – featuring Hillary Duff discussing her recent home-birth and other celebrity birth stories like Mandy Moore! The Mommy Labor Nurse Podcast – primarily geared towards hospital-birth, but I especially like their FAQ episodes on topics from nutrition in pregnancy & fetal hiccups to the mechanisms of labor and what suturing looks like after delivery. Birthful – talks pregnancy, birth and postpartum with top experts and covers topics like labor positions, informed consent, birth plans and morning sickness. 

Finally, I could not complete my favorite podcast blog post without including the Mod Midwives podcast with Gina & Nedra! Not only will listening to this podcast help you get to know your midwives better, but the series answers any questions you might have about your pregnancy, birth, postpartum & parenting experience. I especially enjoy their Practical Advice for Midwifery Practice episodes. It’s informative, easy to listen to & might even make you laugh! Tune in today!